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A Wedding requires a lot of planning to come together perfectly. At Wishful Weddings we lift the burden of planning so you can focus on what’s really important. Hiring us for our ‘Extra Enjoyments’ allows you to relax while we do all sorts of clerical things for you, from creating a website to designing a photo slideshow to display during the reception.

Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations*

Email: $50 for Save The date; $75 for Wedding Invitations

  • Create custom design
  • Emailed to everyone on your guest list.

Mailing: $100 for save the date; $150 for wedding invitations

  • Create custom design.
  • Create mailing label (included in fee) or calligrapher ( additional price will vary depending on calligrapher fee).
  • Custom stamp.
  • Mail each save the date and wedding invitation.

Option: Calligrapher can hand-write save the dates (additional price will vary depending on Calligrapher’s fee).

Wedding day program$100

  • Create custom wedding day program.
  • Print wedding day programs.

Reception Media*$200

  • Design and create slideshow.
  • Design up to 5 different poster designs ($10 for each additional design)
  • Design and create table arrangements


*Price does not include materials.
**Price does not include transportation cost. One location is included in the Picturesque Platinum wedding package and two locations are included in The Wishful Wedding package.
***Price does not include purchasing hotel room stays; solely coordinating discount of hotel rooms.


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